Samstag, 1. März 2008

Editorial März 2008: You Are So Amazing

Dear Veryheaven Lovers, 

Eight weeks ago we started.  
Today our 1.000st regulary returning reader has arrived!
e are speechless, and a little bit proud, too :-) 
Thanks to all of you for your wonderfull feedback, comments, 
recommendations, and reading us day and night all over the world!

We come up with more crazy talks, short stories, poems, daily quotes.
Musing here about almost any topic under the sun, in heaven and hell.
Researched and written by everybodies, nobodies, profis, 
people with guts and courage, men and women in love, trouble, 
floating in happiness, feeling lost, waiting in vane, looking for clues. 
Now and than we will feature words and sayings by 
authors of importance, excellence and inspiration. veryheaven words. 
Touchy. Inspiring. Challenging. Provoking. Mindhacking. Careing. 
Amuseing. Thrilling, Alluring. 
Codes, Quests ...
and eventually answers ;)

Thank You All!

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