Freitag, 26. September 2014

Editorial Sept 2014 - 2008: We´ve got some news for you

Dear all veryheavens ;-)

In the very near future we will offer selections of veryheaven ouverture articles in an anthology. A printed edition, inspiring, challenging and sexy, a book for lovers out of or happy in (e)very heaven. Every single moment we click the publish button, we send prays to heaven. Hoping,that we match with your expectations. Hoping, that we surprise you. Hoping, that you´ll find something nice.

We dedicate our time to your holy pleasure and excitement. Yes, it´s true! We as content managers and authors, yes, we are very curious, excited and also a bit anxious. We truely wish and research hard to give you a good time reading and staying with us in / on veryheaven. We publish when ready. So you may check in twice a day. You´ll find new veryheaven pieces daily.
Soon to come: poems with a voice, poems with music, animated poesie. We have found a lovely female voice. She will sing, read, shout, perform with all facettes of human emotions veryheaven poems. Animated poems bring out words in pictures, or even pull you inside the theme like good movies do. You can carry your favourite poems with you on your i-pod or mp3-player by downloading directly from veryheaven or sending them to friends and lovers as avi-clips or mp3-email. Isn´t that amazing? We could also burn your private collection of veryheaven poems on a gift-cd...

See, our idea-cooks are 24/24 in charge to meet up for your convenience. Hmmh, still we would really like to get to know better and are kindly asking you: what really interests you - in veryheaven ways? Write us your feelings, impressions, ideas, wishes, suggestions. Send us an email to the editorial department [
veryheaven (at)] or publish your thoughts in real time, using the comment-link each poem is provided with at its end. We do not promise to answer every single email. But we love to interact with you directly in the comment section and lighten up dialogues, that raises concsiousness higher. As high as the Ultimate ;-)

Wishing you veryheavenly well,
all your veryheavens

01. Sept 2008 -- 26. Sept 2014
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