Freitag, 1. Februar 2008


28. Januar 2008
My dear french, english and all veryheaven visitors!

Thanks for spending so much time here. I am very happy seeing you coming back regulary.
I ask myself how I could offer you speedy instant translations of veryheaven content into
french and english and vice versa. So I tried Googles translation application - also called
a "widget". Hillarious! I rolled over couch, floor and bed laughing for some good four minutes.

Anyways, it is fast and easy to use - and it is so much fun! If you know a better tool let us know

immediately. We´ll test it with you together. For now enjoy the instant website translation of veryheaven with this little widget :-)

will be translated ONLY into ENGLISH and FRENCH :-(
this widget translates only original english language blogs into german and french. Well, veryheaven is on registered sillywise as an only german blog instead as a trilingual one.

will be translated by googles "mini" widget. Have a try with it on our
english pages
et nos
sites francais.

28. Januar 2008
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