Sonntag, 20. April 2008

Analytics & Statistics

Dear Sirs and Ladies!CCO, CCE, CEO, CRM, CCE, PM et al,

Nice to have you here today.I like to look at those blinking, fancy counter statistic and analysing widgets. It´s fun to see how much they differ in their results :-) Truly speaking, I put my trust for now in Hitstats Counter, Website Grader by Hubspot and Google Analytics.

Let your company and products soon be veryheavenly spotlighted.
Join today. Here´s a selection of our advertising clients and partners. * * Tchibo * Douglas Parfümerie
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If you are interested in receiving a quarterly summary and / or media data, we´ll provide
you the material as soon as you contact us via email at [veryheaven @]

Now you may like to explore your veryheaven advertising world a bit and read through some
inspiring articles, pictures and poems.
Bring all your friends with you, next time :-)

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