Montag, 31. März 2008

Pay Pal: Transaction verification

Liebe Kunden,
vielen Dank für Ihren Einkauf bei veryheaven und Ihre Bezahlung
via paypal.
Die Transaktion wurde abgeschlossen und Sie erhalten per E-Mail eine Bestätigung für Ihren Kauf. Sie können sich unter in Ihr Konto einloggen, um die Transaktionsdetails anzuzeigen.

Dear veryheaven customers,
thank you so much for your order from veryheaven and paying via paypal. The transaction was successfull. You´ll soon receive an email listing the items you´ve bought at veryheaven. Log into your paypal account to see relevant details of your transaction.

31. März 2008

Dienstag, 18. März 2008

Be Unique

~ Personal Disclaimer:
If you are inspired by my musings and postings, that´s more thanwonderful. Please let me know. It hits my heart and soul, it is my aim.

And for your own sake: Stay Unique!
Don't copy - share your sources!

No part of this blog may be reproduced in any form or by any means, except brief quotations for a review, without explicit written permission by the authors. Requests by email only.

Now start to explore and enjoy your stay in veryheaven.
03. März 2008

Mittwoch, 12. März 2008

~ Schikanismus

ein mann, der seine an-verlobte angeblich über alles liebt, macht dieser am valentinstag eine ganz perfide szene, und stande pedes schluß. 39 minuten später hat er diesen schritt bereut und sich entschuldigt, er habe einfach verletzte gefühle. 

warum? weil sie noch zwei profile in datingforen hat, von denen er weiß - sie lernten sich in einem internet - dating forum kennen. 

und das, obwohl er selbst noch nach seinem hochzeitsantrag vor 1,5 jahren weiterhin im besagten forum bis heute präsent ist: ledig, zu haben und suchend. 

in ihrem profil hingegen stand bis gestern: gebunden und glücklich. innerhalb weniger minuten ward sie innerlich frei, wieder bei sich, nicht zu haben und sehr viel glücklicher :-)

1) Wie hätten Sie entschieden?
2) Welche Erfahrungen haben Sie gemacht mit Internet Bekanntschaften ?

14. Feb. 2008

Freitag, 7. März 2008

Are you a MAN or a MOUSE?

Later tonight, I surfed the net and found a badge of a peace-campaign on a lightworkers site. First reading Shakti Gwains inspiring muses on "trust your intuition", nearly falling asleep (CET 02:13 pm) by scrolling down, than a litle blinking thing caught my attention: 10 Million clicks for peace. Desmond Tutu is one of four very prominent chairmen of the internetbased peace-campaign. Here are their teasers:

Are You a Man or a Mouse?

There´s is NO excuse for sitting back and doing nothing to help make
this world a peaceful place. 10 Mio Visionaries are clicking their
way to a more peaceful world. A highly dedicated group of Internet citizens have banded together using the latest technology to make it as simple as taking just few clicks so that you can in fact make a huge difference in the world. Wondering how powerful you really are?

Oh my God, how much do I long for all of us peacelovers, John Lennon in mind: give peace a chance. My wish is that every country will take care of its citcens as parents. Providing the following from the very first day of birth, lifetime guaranteed: a house with garden, taxfree monthly welcome-income of 1.000 Euro, free food , lifetime health and travel insurance. Arkadien alive. It´s possible! Eliminate gangstar culture, poverty, crazy warriors, violent tv-series and movies. Switch the channels, ignore daily massmedia-anxiety-broadcastings, capturering million of minds with destructive news 24 hrs a day. Love your work, enjoy life, help others, feed your true needs. Do you truely feel happy and free watching psychofilms, such as "The Silence of the Lambs"? Being constantly triggerd with keyscenes and words of pain and sorrow? Some may argue it´s educative, entertaining. I call it clever promotion.

I will defintely not talk or write about stuff that is not nurturing, uplifting me and you. Who needs to experience pain, unhappiness, sorrow first to finally feel the difference to happiness after? That´s for nihilists and necrophilist. Nietsche and Justine are "out". You and me can name millions of inspiring, creativity challenging sources apart from the ones above. Such as the writings of Miss Giaconda Belly,
poet from South America. She will be featured in my next article. Now let me ask you two simple questions:

What comes first: thought or feeling of peace?
Will internet peace-campaigns help war fetichists vanishing for ever?
Inspire us with your ideas and opinions!

Dienstag, 4. März 2008

Password-fisher identified

03 März 2008

I love widgets, yes, I admit. Todays´research lead me to this company.

DON´T use their widgets, they are passwordfishers. How I know?
I wanted one. A tiny kinky notepad widget in limegreen. Here´s why, read my letter to the companys president:

Dear Sirs,
I need to type in my login-password for my blogaccount to recieve the desired notepad widget?
I did - but it never showed up. Let me assure you that what you ask for is illegal. Nobody knows - and you don´t tell what you do with this sensitive data (storing username and password). It will be reported and published widely to protect innocent people from fraudulant services.

If you love widgets as much as I do, go create your own. TRUST ONLY services (such as that offer you to copy/paste the widgetcode from their site. And please have a look at services that help you designing your blog or website with free and effective tools. Selected services are listed on

Hope that helps. Happy blogging!
Sincerely yours, veryheaven

Tools: list of services to design your blog or website here you can create your own widget

Sonntag, 2. März 2008


HIJACKERS next door!
email announcement arrived just now, saying someone left a comment on a post.
see screenshot here:

TOO FUNNY the comment was left in the post "LOVE QUOTE of the day!
brandnew fan :-)

Delete your email and the comment immediately!

of not, you´ll be redirected to a VIRUS-site [http://ppj-la-liga.blogspot.DOT-com] eating your data!

to your blogging services and notify your friends.

Daily Love Quotes

Samstag, 1. März 2008

GRIMME Online AWARD Nominierung 2008


Ihr habt es getan - Vielen vielen Dank.
Meldet Euch!
Es gibt Geschenke.
VOTE for ME bis 31 März 2008

Editorial März 2008: You Are So Amazing

Dear Veryheaven Lovers, 

Eight weeks ago we started.  
Today our 1.000st regulary returning reader has arrived!
e are speechless, and a little bit proud, too :-) 
Thanks to all of you for your wonderfull feedback, comments, 
recommendations, and reading us day and night all over the world!

We come up with more crazy talks, short stories, poems, daily quotes.
Musing here about almost any topic under the sun, in heaven and hell.
Researched and written by everybodies, nobodies, profis, 
people with guts and courage, men and women in love, trouble, 
floating in happiness, feeling lost, waiting in vane, looking for clues. 
Now and than we will feature words and sayings by 
authors of importance, excellence and inspiration. veryheaven words. 
Touchy. Inspiring. Challenging. Provoking. Mindhacking. Careing. 
Amuseing. Thrilling, Alluring. 
Codes, Quests ...
and eventually answers ;)

Thank You All!