Freitag, 7. März 2008

Are you a MAN or a MOUSE?

Later tonight, I surfed the net and found a badge of a peace-campaign on a lightworkers site. First reading Shakti Gwains inspiring muses on "trust your intuition", nearly falling asleep (CET 02:13 pm) by scrolling down, than a litle blinking thing caught my attention: 10 Million clicks for peace. Desmond Tutu is one of four very prominent chairmen of the internetbased peace-campaign. Here are their teasers:

Are You a Man or a Mouse?

There´s is NO excuse for sitting back and doing nothing to help make
this world a peaceful place. 10 Mio Visionaries are clicking their
way to a more peaceful world. A highly dedicated group of Internet citizens have banded together using the latest technology to make it as simple as taking just few clicks so that you can in fact make a huge difference in the world. Wondering how powerful you really are?

Oh my God, how much do I long for all of us peacelovers, John Lennon in mind: give peace a chance. My wish is that every country will take care of its citcens as parents. Providing the following from the very first day of birth, lifetime guaranteed: a house with garden, taxfree monthly welcome-income of 1.000 Euro, free food , lifetime health and travel insurance. Arkadien alive. It´s possible! Eliminate gangstar culture, poverty, crazy warriors, violent tv-series and movies. Switch the channels, ignore daily massmedia-anxiety-broadcastings, capturering million of minds with destructive news 24 hrs a day. Love your work, enjoy life, help others, feed your true needs. Do you truely feel happy and free watching psychofilms, such as "The Silence of the Lambs"? Being constantly triggerd with keyscenes and words of pain and sorrow? Some may argue it´s educative, entertaining. I call it clever promotion.

I will defintely not talk or write about stuff that is not nurturing, uplifting me and you. Who needs to experience pain, unhappiness, sorrow first to finally feel the difference to happiness after? That´s for nihilists and necrophilist. Nietsche and Justine are "out". You and me can name millions of inspiring, creativity challenging sources apart from the ones above. Such as the writings of Miss Giaconda Belly,
poet from South America. She will be featured in my next article. Now let me ask you two simple questions:

What comes first: thought or feeling of peace?
Will internet peace-campaigns help war fetichists vanishing for ever?
Inspire us with your ideas and opinions!

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