Montag, 21. April 2008

How do you know that you are in love?

Do you really know the feeling?

Well, below are items taken and excerpted
from “You know when You’re in love when…” article
of Jackilou Blanco of
the Philippine Star for us to be acquainted with the facts of being in love.

The following are philosophical and psycho- logical perspectives of
the said author for us to initially know if we are really in love.

There is always a spark in your eyes. You always feel beautiful. Your every movement is filled with thoughts of him/her. Nothing seems difficult to handle. You find beauty in the simplest things.You always want to improve yourself so you can be better for that someone. When you are with that person, you want time to stop. You are in tune with each other. You know how the other feels even when you are apart. Your body moves - it’s like you want to sing, dance and fly. You become irrational at times and do silly things. You fall asleep on the phone, wake up and continue talking to that person. You breathe each other (I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “He is the air that I breathe.”)

When loving that person it overwhelms you so much, you can’t help
but cry. Even when you’re not together, you can still smell, feel him/her. Your heart beats slow and fast at the same time. You look forward to waking up each day. Each sunrise, each sunset warms your heart. You miss each other even when you are together. No matter how bad the day is going or everybody’s getting hot tempered, you still have a smile in your face. Taking a bath in the rain is wonderful. Everything around you is more beautiful. Being in love is a wonderful feeling! It has always been and it will always be.

Lust is something that blocks the frontiers of productive compliment. But real love is something that permits wondering beyond each of the edge of romantic compliment. Lust is eventually selfish where love is eventually above oneself. It is in lust which one looks into an instant pleasure but it is in love which makes someone look through the gradual process of waiting but exercise the patient purpose of remnant pleasure. Lust is primarily just two-dimensional where real love justifiably involves 3D effect of meeting the expectations fully. It is in lust where both parties repel but it is in love where both of them attract
for convenience. Lust talk but love just keeps mute.

If you feel the same for any of the items listed above, then definitely, you are in the circle of giggling love. It does not have to be elaborated. It does not need more explanation between the two hearts involved. It does not pull the heartstrings to let it beat but it is the strings of the heart that keep it contracting. Lust take its first actions to move. But love moves involuntarily for its own actions in its smooth serene way.

source: coffee shop

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