Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2008

In Case of Emergency

Last year, one of my friend suddenly felt dizziness. The condition got worse that we all prepared to get him into emergency. While we were doing so, I wanted to call his wife. I looked by her name into his cell, I could not get her number. He must have put under some kinda nick name.

I could not find it. Imagine a situation when you needed help from stranger in such condition, s/he had to dial your relative or contact person. Surely, they do not have idea on what to do with your cell contacts. You can have hundreds of 'em.

The solution is to have 2 contact numbers added as ICE (in case of emergency). Nobody knows when you may need help! I think the cell software should be designed in such a way that user has to (optional) enter the ICE number when used for the first time. Having ICE on mobile can be helpful. Helpful, especially when someone wants to get help for you.

With kind permission originally taken from the blog TIME to VERYHEAVEN ouverture to share:

08. Mai 2008

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