Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

~ God took my father to heaven

I´ll cry him a river for many a coming years
so he shall sail on oceans heavenly
may gabriel soon open paradises´door,

for he shall live eternally in peace up thy,
you will always be in our hearts, and
forever loved by me. your daughter.

Urplötzlich ist mein Vater in der Nacht zum 
29. Mai 2008 verstorben.  Wahrscheinlich nach einem Gehirnschlag. Unsere Nachbarn fanden Ihn in seinem Bett morgens um 10.00 Uhr zuhause in Bremen. Bitte betet für ihn.

My father suddenly died on may, 29th 2008. He was found in his bed. No one understands. Please pray for him with me. Merci!
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