Freitag, 1. August 2008

~ Passwordfischer Identified

I love widgets, yes, I admit. Todays´research lead me to this company: Yourminis. WARNING!

DON´T use their widgets, they are passwordfishers. How I know?
I wanted one. A tiny kinky notepad widget in limegreen. Here´s why, read my letter to the companys president:

Dear Sirs,
I need to type in my login-password for my blogaccount to recieve the desired notepad widget?
I did - but it never showed up. Let me assure you that what you ask for is illegal. Nobody knows - and you don´t tell what you do with this sensitive data (storing username and password). It will be reported and published widely to protect innocent people from fraudulant services.

If you love widgets as much as I do, go create your own. TRUST ONLY services (such as that offer you to copy/paste the widgetcode from their site. And please have a look at services that help you designing your blog or website with free and effective tools. Selected services are listed on

Hope that helps. Happy blogging!
Sincerely yours, veryheaven

Tools: list of services to design your blog or website here you can create your own widget

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