Sonntag, 28. September 2008

Entrecard deletes trilingual blog account

my dear friends, colleagues and advertisers,

administrators of entrecard have decided to delete my account for just ONE reason: it´s trilingual content.
main content is english, BUT entrecard says, quote: "If your blog has sections of German and French then it is not 100% English. 100% English means that every post is written in English."
i am so sad and sorry, because I love you all and the entrecards service, i love dropping, surfing from blog to blog, researching blogs, people and content to feature on veryheaven.
i have received over 250 ad-requests and approved them as well in the last 4 months since my membership. veryheaven has enormous PR potential for advertisers and for entrecard.
what shall i do? anybodoy out there with the same experince?
any idea or solution? i am just flabbergasted. thank you all.

yours sincerely,
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