Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue!

You´ll find on veryheaven some of my poems and short stories as inspirational sources. I also publish writings, ideas, thoughts, crafts from selected people, on various subjects and themes. With all that in progress I hope to help you create and find your own heaven in your life, meeting your true needs.

In my very juvenile blog I´ll present inspirations and nice finds, people and places I think are very much heavenlike, e.g. hotels, interiors, lignerie, design, arts, books, musik, lifestyles.

If you have "heavenlike" suggestions, ideas, tips, stories to share, perfect - send us an email: veryheaven [at]
Wishing you a heavenly and pleasently stay in and on veryheaven ;-)
Go explore!

My dream, soon reality: A Coffee-Shop-Coaching-Painting-Poesie Gallery :-)
A place to meet, talk, network, party, relax, rest, dine and dance. A place and space that has got that special "bite" - atmosphere, music, good food and a smoking séparée. Kinda loftlike, oriental, boudoir-style.

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