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E-Book for Free: Self Coaching by Brooke Castillo

“If you have the same damn thoughts,
you’re gonna have the same damn day.”

Your thoughts determine your results and your feelings. Your thoughts are created by a Peanut chatterbox who has been running the show.  It’s time to take back the wheel, time to take back your mind so you can use it—instead of having it use you.

My husband forgot my birthday.
Thought: He doesn’t care about me.
Feelings: horrible, sad, lonely, angry
Give him the cold shoulder and avoid him.
Result: Less time spent with husband—less caring with husband.

Circumstance: My husband forgot my birthday.
Thought: I know my husband wants to help me celebrate
my birthday, so I will remind him.
Feeling: Satisfied, love
Action: Connect with husband, love husband unconditionally. 
Result: Enjoy my birthday with my husband.

Brooke, we love you. Thanks for sharing your amazing work, 152 pages full of helpful tools, working sheets, examples and exercises, with us - for free.

Authors note: Please reprint, publish and share any part of this book with anyone who you think might benefit from it. I just ask that you please include the following with any portion you reprint: Reprinted with Permission from the Author Brooke Castillo.

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Have you ever felt like a wild animal trapped
in a cage with (not) just enough room to pace back and forth,

all the while just patiently waiting for that one second to break free and run? Courage In Patience will make you feel just like that as you read the revealing and somewhat offensive story of Ashley Asher. This young girl lived a life as a victim of abuse not only by her stepfather but also through her own mother's inability to take a stand for what is right and what is wrong.

Courage in Patience as a true story of hope and strength. The purpose of this book is to also teach and inspire all victims of abuse toward the understanding that abuse is not acceptable and it is something you can stop!

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