Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

Kosmische HAPPY NEW YEAR Geheimnisse :-)

(Winston Churchill)

Revenge is like taking poison and wishing someone else would die.
(Oprah Winfrey)

Life is a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves.

I´ll stop considering other people's and socalled friend´s feelings and motives when they appear to be to selfish and obviously not considering mine.
(Mme Hu)

Every day situations present you with many opportunities to shift your old mental habits and learn to treat yourself and the world differently.

You will learn to direct kindness to yourself and to others throughout your daily travels, from being stuck at the doctors office, or on a train or stuck in traffic. This practice will also teach you loving kindness towards yourself when you are feeling cranky,or upset or just not in full operational mode. Use this meditation when you can't sleep, are worried about something, and are fearful or angry about a situation. Repeating Loving-Kindness phrases you will reinforce them in yourself and your daily situations.

For example, May everyone in this world be safe. May the person in the car next to me be at ease. May all the people in the store be peaceful, May I rest and feel peaceful. Every time you repeat a phrase, you deepen the intention in your mind and heart for your own happiness and the happiness to others. You may begin to see that there's not so much separation between yourself and others. Everyone wishes to feel happiness, it is this wish for happiness that unites us all. This practice allows your to open to the moment.

Don't become attached to outcome: your are not trying to control things,
but rather to learn to treat the moment with kindness. Just do the best you can and
know that your best is good enough.

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