Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

~ Letter of Intent: I’ve broken free ... ~ Dear Ex

My dearest Veryheavens,

I am very happy that I have send my final GOODBYE LETTER with absolute and infinite Intent to my Ex Alireza Assadzadeh Tabrizi on December 1st 2008 ~ and as I brought it to the post office I really felt released and almost thrilled. Greeting my just new beginning life singing Al Greens song - added:
"I am NOT tired of being alone" :-) and booked two weeks in a 5* hotel for recreation and rejevenation. Hired a very very talented gent to conduct me to cultural events, like the opera, you know....

Below You'll find an example letter I've found somewhere on the internet - sometimes it's just good to only read it to yourself, sometimes you will have to decide to send it away - your intuition will tell you what's the best to do.

Dear EX (name),

To say that I once loved you girl / boy, would be like housing a superfluous embodiment of emptiness. You mean absolutely nothing to me, the evaporating value of zero! You are a cantankerous infection to my spirit and unworthy of any further interest. I hate you!
Past hate, you are deplorable. I find you unworthy of any of my attention; therefore I
cast you deep into the abyss of forgetfulness; I have forgotten you, but I have also forgiven you!

Now, be gone from me you wretched reflection of pain. As I reminisce on how you inflicted so much grief on my soul. I now realize that you are worse than a liar and more dishonest than a thief. You stole joy from me and for that I demand that you leave my presence. You can keep your empty promises, your vanity, and your compliments of pain, as you descend back into the lonely pits of solitude; I’ve broken free from the misery of your subliminal chains. You were an imaginary affection to me, the illusion of pain, stealing joy from the generous and turning my sunshine into rain; turning my thunder into disdain.

So as you cascade back into the depths of loneliness, I’ll be praying for you. That your redemption will be as sweet and rewarding as mine and that you are remorseful for all the days that I listened to you to opine, knowing all the while that my love for you was uncontrollably blind. But everything that you did to hurt me is now just fine, now that I’ve swept the clutter from my heart and the memory of you from my mind, now that I’ve refocused and I'm on an upward climb, I just know that it was all orchestrated by a heavenly design, by the most beautiful, rejuvenating, heavenly design and for the record, you too my love will be just fine, it is my solemn prayer for you girl/boy, that God will bless you and you too my love will be just fine!
In Honor of you my love, in honor of you. Forever yours.

EX - Love (name)

NEXT: 5 Steps to getting overhim / her

1.Delete phone number, email address, address

all three, but if you can’t handle it, delete at least one of the three, preferably the phone number, because 9 times out of 10, late in the night, after some brown liquor, and Al Green singing “lay your head…..on my pillow”…
YOU ARE GONNA PICK UP THAT PHONE AND CALL! And ladies/and gents this is not a good time to make that call, cuz you are weak, and even though you want him/her back…you don’t want to seem like you are begging. So DELETE PHONE to avoid making this awful mistake, and checking off your first step to Getting over him/her.

2. Delete all files, letters, pictures related to him/her.

Remember when I said above to delete the phone number, and I really meant for you to delete all three, because once again, even the most remote contact (email) we will find a reason to email them. It may be a weak moment, it may be some song on the radio, during a rainy night, and I have to mention Liquor cuz liquor is a conduit to foolish behavior. Right after you finish re-reading every letter, every email sent…it has you reminiscing about the good old days…you miss him/her…you think after that 4th glass of wine…that he/she just playing games, he/she wants you to chase…He/She WANTS YOU BACK! NOT You have already told yourself, after he/she didn’t answer your last email that you weren’t gonna email him/her again, and here you go again…just one more time…just got to have the last word…well you’ve had the last word for the last 5 emails…don’t you think he/she got it…yep, believe me…they did.

3. Take some time to reacquaint yourself with who you are.
You see, oftentimes we lose ourselves in a relationship, we start off very good, holding our own, reveling in our uniqueness and then there are times when we (in order to please our mate) CHANGE! We become who they perceive us to be, we sweep parts of us under the bed, box up our dreams (label them…check back another day). We become who they want us to be…sometimes these changes are subtle, we may change our hair, because I often heard him comment on that ladies short haircut, sometimes we stop hanging with our friends, because he don’t want us in the streets and even me and my friends only hang out at dinner, he’s concerned that they are all single. We alter our reality to fit their reality. Now STOP this craziness, and don’t ever do this again. Take this time to reflect, some changes are good, but that change that you make has to be for YOU and not for anyone else, or else it is not a true change and overtime your old self will surface and he/she ain’t gonna have a clue as to who you are…in fact you may even hear them say, “I remember when you used to be spicy!” HA! Take this time to find YOU again.

4. It’s gonna happen. You are gonna run into him/her somewhere
and when it happens and you see him/her with that new love/lust partner, it will cut you like a knife. It will burn like a hot comb to the back of the neck. It will irritate you like something caught up in your teeth, like a deep-seated wedgie, like a stubbed toe, and a banged up knee. But, hold your horses, put on your best smile and look like you are SO DAYUUM HAPPY! This will leave them a bit dumbfounded and yet this is for your benefit alone. Smile and shake hands with his/her new friend, introduce yourself if he/she doesn’t. Then, say how good it was to see them and turn your azz around and walk like you just hit the runway (that’s for my ladies….hehehe). And please wait until you are out of site before you breakdown. This is the last time that he/she will hurt you. IT’s OVER!

5. Get a new Boo! Now I’m not saying you have to go out and fall in love, but at least let someone remind You of your BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL YOU! That you are indeed deserving of royal treatment. You are a QUEEN! You are the KING! Give a toast to the fool who let you go! Marinate in your glory, and strut with your new friend, let them season you again. Let them nourish your ego with accolades and adornment, fertilize your soul with all that you desire…and soon you will flourish, right before everyone’s eyes you will grow and come into your own. And others will begin to comment, asking you have you got a new haircut, or perhaps lost some weight, NOPE, none of that, I am just coming into my season…

May these Tips and the LOI encourage you to cut all loose ends. I´ve survived the pit, and so will you. Mastery is in Reach - and you will stay wild and divine forever!

Why not begin or end your day by treating yourself a listen to some cool tunes. Press play and git the most smoothest tunes that pampers and soothes your soul.


2008 ~ Dec 1st / republished on request 2009 Oct

feel free to forward, copy, share this LOI to anyone in deep distress or urgent need

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