Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008

Poll: Would you spend all your money on the one you love?

My dearest veryheavens,

have you ever met, heard of, trusted a (gentle-) man telling the woman he loves, and meaning it, too?
Believe me, I´ve heard an asian man saying this to his european love, seriously:

"Mylove, if you like, you can go to work, but you never ever have to. If you do it for fun, that´s fine. If you only do it for money, stop it. I have enough you can spend. I want you to spend all my money, just love to see you doing that. I love you, so no matter for whatever you´ll spend it - a horse, a car, jewelry, hot pants for me, dessous for you, just feel free".

What a wonderful man. Sounds like a fairytale out of 1001 nights, yeah. But as an arabian sprichwort says: be aware of what you wish or think about - it could be fulfilled.

So - would you?
Write your thoughts in the commentfield below :-) thanks.

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