Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

Googles out with the Search Cube tool - useful?

Navigating Google Search results with the plain white background and blue links seems quite boring and there's nothing special about the design. Search-Cube is a visual search engine that enables you to search on Google and having the results animated on a unique 3-Dimensional cube interface.

To flip the cube, simply press your keyboard "up, down, left, right keys". To drag, hold shift and rotate your mouse. To visit a search result, click on the thumbnail.

Created by Shourov, a Web and software developer, Search-Cube makes use of different technologies which include Google AJAX Search API, and Symmetri. When you search for a particular keyword, you'll then see a 3-D cube that shows you previews of 96 (!!) ninety-six websites, videos and images which means there are thirty-six website thumbnails on each side of the cube.

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15. Jan. 2009

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