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~ Discussion: How much do you love me?

Out of nowhere, my first and forever blogging girlfriend from the philipines, Hye asked her hon this question one time… maybe to test him or just to start a conversation. He paused for awhile (five seconds) then smartly answered back "none".

Hye asked him why he had to pause, he said he wants to be sure with his answer... then both laughed. They laughed because we both know whatever the answer may be, it's nothing for them.

Hye believes this is not the reality to many people. Nowadays, we hear stories like: A girl married his husband because he is wealthy and powerful. She vowed she will love him come what may... but when the man became broke, they divorced. The girl actually did not love his husband. She loved his money. Or was it actually love.


Here are some thoughts I've saved from Hye´s discussion board - enjoy!

cathara says:  
with any 'how' questions that my guy asked me, i was always like 'i dont/cant know how to answer how questions. i dont know hes already pissed with that haha!i even hate the song 'how deep is your love'.i just think that in loving, there shouldnt be any measurement, it should be infinite.
veryheaven ouverture says:
in lovesongs singers moan: give me back my love, all i want is you, i can make it alone, was she worth it (the affair). in therapy millions of people grain about their misconceptions of love and happy living. you all agree to love yourself first - what about the idea, to let someone "just" love you - or even more provoking: why don´t we cherish their love for us by spending all the money we have on those who we love? think about it.
is money such a bad thing to spend for lovely arrangements and something so very special? we pay 1000 dollars for one night for a hotel room with a golden plated bath-room or for juwelery, wellness, travels, dinners, crafts from "no-knowns" and than say proudly "hugh, must be so expensive because....she/he does everything to meet my needs". so what the hack is wrong with loving the person PLUS spending all your money on the one YOU love and on the one who loves YOU? just simple questions :-)

@ cathara: because love is seldom, rare, hard to decipher, so precious, it should be measured somehow - i am saying: you should know if s/he deserves your love.
my families friends show their respect and love to us - and we to them - in various ways:
a partner-creditcard, a hut on the beach for a weekend, a sabbatical, personal gifts, a greeting card, a selfbaked bread, anything that makes a person happy...fantasy rules. nobody needs to give back - nobody ows nobody anything.
hAiLiE says:
Anyhoo, to anwser the topic: I really don't know how I'd react. I'd prolly be going with Catea's answer. But if we'll really be poetic about it, I think I'd say this: "You know how big the universe is? Not as big enough as my love for you." Cheesy. I made that one up. =p

But yeah, love happens for no reason at all. And because it's such an intangible concept it can never be measured...
bluedreamer27 says:
gheeeh i havent had a wife but then for me love is truly worthless
its priceless
love is something money cant compared too
love cant be measured in quantity
coolingstar9 says:
It is true that true love should not associated with money.
We need to love ourselves fully before we love others.
Alvin Lim says:
love n care are 2 of the things that u cannot really quantify. "how much do u love me?" or "i care you more than you care for me"...these questions will bring more problems that solutions. :P

i might say this girl doesnt care for me...and i care her more than she cares for me. but fact is, i cant measure it that way. maybe she is very busy with work, and that level of care is the best she can give. this doesnt mean she cares less.

and well, money IS becoming more n more important in this era. sadly, a lot of ppl got married because of money esp in asia countries.
veryheaven ouverture says:
I don´t want anybody to mistake me. All I meant to say was: if money does not count in love, if money does not mean a thing, than don´t talk about it. don´t even compare love with it. give it, spend it, no matter for what and why and when. I´d rather give something of my soul than pay someone for a heartful tip. but here in germany - i tell you - so many couples get divorced because of money one is not willing to spend on the other. husbands say: you don´t need to dress nice for me, it´s my money and i decide what it will be spend on. money rules marriage in too many ways, still. my beloved grandma used to give me each weekend 20 dollars, and i said: no, thanks, and she said: i am to old to walk downtown to search for givts. you buy yourself what you like. she did so for 10 years, and i saved 50 % of her donations and send her on holidays to marocc. i was 18 years, then. I give my friends all my love and care i have in my heart - and if giving money to those who need it means love - I give it all to them. please try to "feel" my words in your language.
Hye says:
Hi VeryHeaven, I do respect your opinion. Not because you believe in something I can't agree about means, I mistake your opinion. I do respect what you have to say. Trust is, I love it when you share your opinion here because you give a different side of the topic.

Wow, you are a great granddaughter, that is all I can say. I get your point about the money thing... I think it is okay to give money as a sign of your love. As I said earlier, love should be over money not the other way around ;D
cathara says:
VeryHeaven, its your opinion, as hye said. and its highly respected by everyone :D. well in my case, thats just how i believe and see loving. sure i want somethin back as well, but hey! doesnt mean were couple we shouldnt respect our individuality?:-P peace out.
and about divorce in germany, i believe there was one leader in there who tries to impose 7 years of marriage, then you couples could renew it if you want.:-P hhmmm...i was temporarily married for 7 days,thats nothin really serious though. beat that:D
veryheaven ouverture says:
@cathara: the german politicians name is Mrs Gabriela Pauli. She defines marriage through love, not a as place to rescue and stay in forever after s/he may found it, the "team" doesn´t fit anymore - link to the story in the german newspaper "Die Welt".

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