Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009

~ Fleeing from Paradise? Don't even try ;)

Understanding unity helps to solve humanity's biggest challenges.
There is no such thing as an isolated problem. By injuring any part of the world's system, you injure yourself. There is no such thing as a win/lose situation. 

Think of life on this planet in terms of systems and not detached elements. 
Broaden your field of vision and assimilate the knowledge you have. 
See that the environment does not belong to any single country to exploit and then disregard. 
You cannot afford to think of your relationship with the sun/earth as a one-night stand. 

Athene auf Pegasus

So YOU think You can escape?
No chance. Whether it was physical or spiritual.
Once verschmolzen, forever in love.

Keine Chance. Ob physisch oder seelisch.
Einmal verschmolzen, ewig verbunden.


All the Wise of all the ages have been telling you a very simple fact:
Be! don't try to become. Within these two words, be and becoming, 

your whole life is contained. 

Being is enlightenment, 
becoming is ignorance.

22. Jan. 2009

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