Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Travis Morgan: Existence

I welcome change,
for only it is steady and consistent.

I welcome chaos,
for it is particularly persistent.

I welcome death,
as if I had a choice.

I welcome everything,
because I am its voice.

Blog Review:
travis is an avid thinker. he persists that we humans are determined by logic & reason. travis paints wonderful calligraphics, creates 8-bit music (excentric :-), is a very creative song composer. whenever i meet his spirit in his blog i feel somehow calm and peaceful.

get to know him also in Blogcatalog discussions, his musings and philosophical impacts are always thrilling and entertaining, too.

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Travis answer: I love secretly.

Why must I compare thee to a star,
when thou shinest brighter than any star I’ve gazed?

How can I relate thee to a prickly rose,
when thine eyes shalt never wilt a mans heart?

I shall not express my love for thee
with metaphors, similes or words direction.

Nor shall any amount of kisses and hugs suffice.
My affection for thee is formless and without me.

I shall never pluck thee from the earth’s soil,
for then all this tension would end, and spoil.

Nothing more to say, I feel :-). Maybe you´ll fall for him or fall in love - but hold your horses:
he is happily married and father of a young born child.

08. Jan. 2009
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