Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009

While we are watching...

I´ve been silently reading a political discussion on, started seven days ago by a 15 year young girl, and it nearly broke my heart reading her claim. Although I´ve promised myself to only broadcast good news and feelings here on veryheaven,.... I NEED to share Rawan´s protest here with you and am encouraging you at the same time to participate, or to do sth ... I don´t know, I am just unable to tell... how and when peace and change is gonna come? The post from RawanS begins with:

Peace Be Upon you!
I'm writting this while I'm in great pain. Because a massacre is happening while we are watching and some of us is are clapping Isreal Killing 160 palastinian and saying that it's just starting. I wonder where's the human rights ?! Saying that who was killed are terrorist ?!

They're just normal people like you and me, children, women and people who are just trying to live with their " human rights ". First Isreal steals their land and afterwards it kills them one by one? Where are our eyes, where are our minds ?

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Before you leave, when you have returned,
please share your feelings here.

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