Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

Nur die Liebe zählt - Christian, the freed Lion

love every creature you are with

hey, what about this: adopt a pet....a lioness, rhinozeros, tiger :-)
not that it will live in your home, but you´ll help it survive and live in peace in his territorium.

I´ve decided to adopt a Leopard Lady - roarrrr!

Combine conservation projects with community development and adventure programs and make your GAP YEAR, CAREER BREAK or SUMMER HOLIDAY a life-changing experience for yourself and others that you will help!

Bornfree offers volunteer placements in
South Africa, Kenya, Namibia , Malawi and Sri Lanka -
where the conservation aims and objectives of the projects
being run are similar to our own.


21. Feb. 2009

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