Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Stephen Frey: Everything we know is wrong - wrongest!

Everything we know is wrong.
Wrong. Wrong, wronger, wrongest.

It is fantasy that makes things up and fantasy is quite another thing.
Imagination is the ability to enter someone else’s mind. To penetrate another’s
experience. To feel what another feels: to see the world as they see it,
to suffer their pain, participate in their sins and in their triumphs,
loves, fears and hopes.

Imagination is a product of memory and sympathy.
Some have it, just as some have perfect pitch or athletic hand-eye coordination.
Or maybe some can be trained to have it, I don’t know.
A paradox is that it seems harder to penetrate one’s own mind,
participate in one’s own experience and discover one’s own
feelings than those of another.

Chapeau, Stephen Frey!

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