Sonntag, 8. März 2009

~ Woman are made to be loved

The Sacredness of the Female 

Eine wunderschöne Ode an die Frau von einem beseelten Mann

Woman are the first teachers.
When we are born we do not reach out for anything because its our mother who is the one who civilizes us to become better in our everyday activities in the essentals of life. This is why the woman is so sacred. She's to be protected because there is no such thing as a no good woman.

What do you mean?
When you see a no good woman its because she standing next to a no good man that made her no good. The first example for a young girl to know what it is to understand & determine a role model in a man is her father. If there is no father present & she grows up in a single parent house hold she would never understand what it is to have a good man.

Her father would show her by example what it is to be a good man. So when she wonders off into life she may make wrong choices in men. Remember we don't attract what we want we attract who we are. This is why a nation can't rise no higher than its woman. She holds the bearing of life in her womb. If you want to know a nation look at its women. They will determine the outcome of the society by their actions.

The Woman is like the moon.
She has the magnetic attraction to either build or destroy. This is why she must always be protected & guarded from the poison mentallity of men who want to abuse them & have them do things they wouldn't do if they knew what it is to know what a man is. He is her maintainer & protector. I honor the woman because my mother & Grandmother (RIP) were examples of what I wanted for a wife.

written for today by Jason Rodriguez
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08. März 2009

"Women are made to be loved, not understood"
Oscar Wilde.

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