Montag, 2. März 2009

Tweeters Unite - Please Help - Updates

please help:
we need YOU to brainstorm with - we´d love to do something on the international day of the kiss that spreads love, compassion, understanding - maybe
  • 4 hrs kissing for charity:water?

  • donating a kiss / many kisses for
  • charity: animal rights,
    charity: domestic violence,
    charity: homeless children?

all you dear think tankers and visionaries, please join our creative brain-wall-storming right here in the comment field.

idea for the event slogan:
Kisses don´t lie

LLB - love, lights and blessings :-)

Yours, Cassie

We are still in progress - fire us with your suggestions, ideas..most welcomed!
And please join our networks - veryheaven is founder of both.

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