Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

~ Free Ebooks - Givts to go: We are Celebrating You

Beloved readers, commentators, secret lovers and all veryheaven citizens: We feel proud knowing you. Please accept our offer of top class e-books for free we have selected for you as our thank you-givt. We Thank you for letting us see through your eyes and thank you for your honesty and smartness. We appreciate you from wherever you are, we love to see you here strolling in veryheaven ;) and for creating heavenly places, spaces, friendships etc. all over on this wonderful planet.

Here´s our selection of Top Class e-Books for free - all yours :-)
  1. (opens new site ) Brooke Castillo: pdf EN - Selfcoaching
  2. (opens new site ) Joyce Meyer: pdf FR - Soyez Positif
  3. (opens new site ) Dr. Michaela Huber: pdf DE - Trauma überwinden 
  4. STORY & ebook inside veryheaven: Stehen wir im Einklang mit der göttlichen Matrix?
  5. STORY & ebook inside veryheaven: Matrix Divina - Fact or Fiction?

    (opens new site )
    Bruce Lipton pdf DE - Über die Biologie des Glaubens

    (opens new site )
    Bruce Lipton pdf DE - Natur, Erziehung und menschliche Entwicklung

    (opens new site )
    Bruce Lipton pdf FR - La Conscience Cellulaires

  6. STORY & ebook inside veryheaven: Love is intending Happiness"

  7. (opens new site ) e-book for free -pdf DE- Watchman Nee: Der Geistliche Christ
  8. (opens new site ) e-book for free -pdf EN: Watchman Nee: The spiritual Man
  9. (opens new site ) e-book for free - pdf DE: Handbuch der Heilungen
  10. (opens new site ) e-book for free - pdf EN: Cultivating Inner Peace
  11. From bloggers for bloggers: 90 poems and wise quotes

    Life is a series of Moments.
    It is the sum of all Nows.
    Happiness is a shower of Joy.
    It is the sum of all Smiles.
    For a Lifetime of
    Exponential Happiness,
    Simply Shower
    Joyful Smiles
    Into Each Moment of Now.

    (opens new site )

We are very thankful to all you lovely people
  • who visited us, got inspired - if only for a single moment.
  • who left comments or suggested ideas.
  • who recommended us to friends and lovers of a veryheavenly living worldwide.
We appreciate your spirit :-)
You inspire us.

16. April 2009 ~ Celebrating You - Readers´Appreciation Day


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