Montag, 13. April 2009

Heavenly Family Members

13. Apr 2009
Dante´s Paradiso joined the heavenly family via Google Friend Connect.

thank you for becoming a regular and avid reader of veryheaven adventures. this decision will earn you a sweetdevilish spank comme tutti amore et frutti flagranti :-) yours sincerely, aphrodite

about dante:
I'm a former columnist with National Lampoon so don't expect me to take things too seriously here, no matter what the subject. This blog is mostly about my life with a woman who craves spankings but no topic is any safer than she is - outside link to Dante´s Paradiso blog

09. Feb 2009
Bestselling author Brandi Bates joined the heavenly family after we´ve chatted for a couple of days on
my veryheaven twitter base plus on google friend connect.

Read inside veryheaven our book review on her bestselling novel
"Amid the Cacophony of Cries"

Intro: When SABRINA learns that her long time boyfriend Trevor Sabaru is having an affair, she finds herself hitting rock-bottom, emotionally speaking. What's worse, she's plagued with the demons of bad decisions she's made in the past.

about Brandi Bates:
ARISTOTLE's mommy, Cancerian from the lunar outskirts of Los Angeles, California, left-of-center listener, lover, and friend. I am inspired daily by old priceless people, who've handcrafted a wisdom that sees beyond what the eyes can see. Skin that says "you belong here," trees that breathe themselves into me, the sun that showers the world with drops of light and the moon that says "I love YOU" while looking at herself in the mirror of a still lake. Orchids kissed by the creator. And midnight candlight picnics under the cosmos with my sweetheart. I like the seductive mystery of night. The hint of revelation present under a glowing moon or a fading sun lying down to sleep. outside link to brandi bates official blog.

Come join the family, too:-)

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