Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

~ Is Love measurable?

I would do anything to make you happy!  
That´s what he told her. Am I reading a claim in it? Jesus Christ, then start today!
How wonderful this would be, if it would be true.

I suppose, not only the "term" LOVE nowadays experiences a lot of abuse, people violate love, rape in love, beat in love, push you to success in love ... not only lovers claim their stakes :-) In many lovesongs "disappointed" or angry or greedy musicans moan: give me back my love, all i want is you ,i can make it alone, was she worth it (the affair).
Millions of people grain about the misconceptions of their socalled love to their mates.

You all agree to love yourself first - okay. What about the idea, to let someone "just" love you?

Why don´t we cherish their love for us by throwing bucks of Euros and Dollars on them, spending all the money we have on those who (we) love (us)? Is money such a bad thing to recieve for something so very special?

Everybody pays for juwelery, fashion items,wellness, travels, dinners, crafts from "no-knowns" and than say proudly "hugh, it had to be so expensive because....she/he does everything to meet my needs".

So what the hack is wrong with spending all my money on my love? You pay a coach for a succesfull getting-through-the-valley session € 1000.-- per hour for its convenient advice, 

you pay for your bank account, you make schulden just to own a fancy car ...

Quest: Is Love measurable?
And if not, (how) do you honor someone´s love to you? 
How do you express your love to the
"one and only" - if s/he is a dream come true?

Because love is so precious, shouldn´t it be measured and honored by the lover and the beloved one? People should know "their value of love" in comparison to others - in my life I have seen couples completly freaking out, when it was their turn to give back.

There are many many spiritual and earthly ways to express and worship the love we receive - and those love-lovers show their dignity and respect in various ways: a creditcard-share, an amazon lifetime account, a car, a smile, a candle-ightdinner, a tender kiss on a bleading knee, a selfmade gift, an oilpainting, a surprising party, a delicous cake, one year free accomodation on a hut, a cosy weekend in bed...fantasy rules.

I think: People don´t consider enough what and when to return a favour to the giver. Some even refuse to accept anything in return - hey, I am your friend, it´s so normal. Well, I give myself. And there´s a lot I offer freely and especially when needed. I don´t care if I get (payed) back.

My all dearly beloved veryheavens,
for some reason "love" is everywhere in the air and on stage right now... It´s early May, cherry trees bloom, wild scents in the air tickling my nose, setting my spring desires free ;-) 


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05. Mai 2009

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