Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

Tweeters Unite - Yes, we will :-)

My all dear veryheavens!
On Valentines Day 2009 my new idea was born: Tweeters Unite! for charity and many other good causes. Event date will be July 4th - the international day of the kiss :-) I am totally in love with the idea and really crazy about it. Well, how does that sound to you?

We are looking for partners, sponsors, cooperations e.g. amnesty germany, amnesty international, peta etc. and we are looking for blog authors, visionaries, ideas, people who would love to spread the word and people who love to utilize this platform and it´s growing network for their personal, international, special interests.

See our four latest charity posts:

We are still in progress - fire us with your suggestions, ideas - most welcomed !!
Please join our two networks - veryheaven is founder of both.

  1. @tweeters_unite
    (tweeting in progress)
  2. @veryheaven
    (tweeting started)

We publish News etc. in these BLOGS -

  1. Join the Event on Tweeters Uniteon our event management platform
  2. Tweeters Unite Blog
    (offspring of veryheaven)
  3. veryheaven ouverture Blog
    charity, poetry, coffee & coaching to go
  4. veryheaven united Blog
    open studio - feature yourself

If you´d like to stay informed, please subscribe to our feeds for news and announcements on Tweeters Unite - go 4 all 4 :-)

  1. Join our Event, write articles, share ideas, visions, suggestions at
    Tweeters Unite on Bloggers Unite

  2. FEED from Veryheaven Tweets (started)
  3. FEED from Tweeters Unite (in progress)
  4. FEED from Veryheaven at Blogcatalog
  5. FEED from Veryheaven at Facebook

Yeah, two people joined 2day on our event promotion platform bloggers unite
- we happy :-)

  1. Zachary Wood - Marketer and Graphic Designer
  2. Dawn Allen - Certified Love & Relationship coach
  3. welcoming YOU tomorrow ;)

Thank You All, lovely people!
Yours, Cassie

Last night I´ve dreamt about some invisible but good looking guy who has bought me italian stringsandals for our marriage - I never intended to marry these days - but I was wearing a georgeous cream white wedding dress, catwalking in the hall showing it off to him. Suddenly running away, hiding the dress in the wardrobe of my fathers house who suddenly died overnight , nine months ago, thinking: maybe I´ll wear a different dress, in colour and cut. So strange, but thinking- marrying the only one, the romantic soul you cant hide from, it is about uniting, right?

On July 4th 2009 - the intern. Day of the Kiss - we Tweeters Unite :-)
write articles, share ideas, visions, suggestions, post pics, be creative.
14. Feb. 2009

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