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~ Editorial Sept 2009: Why do Strangers fall in Love?

Love is the state of oneness with a supposed stranger ... No, not really.
A person
who maybe only a few short months earlier was completely unknown to us. Is it possible to be swept into a whirlwind of emotions by someone we have just met? Does "love at first sight" really exist or is it just our own wishful thinking to be cared for unconditionally by another? I believe it does.

When You Say "I Love You..."
I've always believed that love is the energy that drives Heaven. Just as we have oxygen and light and food to live on here on Earth, love is the driving force for our souls to live on. It is the most powerful of all emotions.
I think when you feel real love; you have connected with another soul in Heaven. It is the crossing of two paths. The path you share is intertwined with everyone else on Earth, but some you can recognize more than others. Why is it that when you fall in love someone you seem to have instant familiar feelings? You finish each other's sentences, and feel like you have known them your whole life. They complete you as if you were never quite finished until you met
them. Attraction...yes. Caring for each other...yes. But what is with the feeling of overwhelming familiarity? It is because you do know them. And you have for a long, long time.

The Re-Connection ;-)
The great thing about falling in love is that it is not just a happenstance of luck. It is a reconnection, if you will. The soul in another that you have finally reconnected with that you have
been searching for. You cross paths with people everyday. We eat together, work together, and play together. We have many acquaintances and friends...but love is always a surprise. It
seems to come out of nowhere. But love is no accident and there is no real surprise.
When you finally touch base with the soul of another, you know it. The search comes to an end, but the real connection begins to unfold. There is everything in the Universe to be happy about.
What seems like a one in a billion chance has just come true.

I Love You has a lot of meanings.
When you hear it do you believe it? What does it mean to you? You need to know just how precious and rare reconnecting with the eternal soul of another is. And when it happens, you need not fear it. Make it the most worthwhile activity and nurture it as a delicate plant. Know that you have been given the greatest gift of all and make it your priority number one.
A heavenly gift? Absolutely!

So far - so good.
But lets see why many women and men turn into commitment phobes? Many western psychologists see a clear relationship between commitment phobia and a traumatic childhood. Their studies show that women who suffer from commitment phobia are deeply influenced by their childhood experiences that have seared their subconscious minds and given
birth to such unrealistic fears.According to the psychologists, commitment phobia can be caused by any of the following three situations that a child may have
undergone during her formative years:

1. Death of a parent: Children may not show grief but they are very
sensitive. A few of them may find it very difficult to accept the
passing of their father or mother to whom they were deeply attached.
Some of them can't bear to see the grief of their father or mother.
This is when their mind decides that they should not allow themselves
to get into similar situations. The logic is that there will be no
grief if there is no long-term relationship.

2. A messy divorce: There are many children who go into a shell
when they see their parents bickering over small things, and finally
breaking up. There are some girls who cannot reconcile themselves to
their stepfathers or stepmothers and cannot forgive their parents
for what they have done to their lives. Marriage to these girls seems
to be a relationship where they can only expect bitterness and hurt.
That is why they are so keen to avoid the "imagined" pains of marriage.

3. Abusive relationship: Some girls are never able to get over the
abuses inflicted by their parents, especially their fathers. They
therefore do not want to surrender to men once again, but want to
prize their independence much more. They are mortally scared to
risk an unhappy wedding or another abusive relationship.

4. Professional Tactics: for women avoiding long-term relationships
is purely professional. They may enter into a relationship at a time when
their career is poised to take off. They are so attached to their
career prospects that they are not willing to compromise on them.
Instead they want to postpone the marriage to a future date, which,
in most cases, never comes. But such successful women invariably
attract men who want to possess them ;)

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life!
Till next time, let your love fly free

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The Inner Dream vs The Society Dream --

Have you watched the movie Revolutionary Road? We are going to discuss the many ideas that this movie brings through. We can choose to live the reality of our own inner dream or we can submit to the dream that society holds for us. Which one of these will allow us to be our happiest? What can occur as a result of following a set of rules others create for us instead of following our own hearts?

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Freitag, 11. September 2009

~ Create Blueprints for Your Dreams

DREAMS and THOUGHTS do come true ~ choose the good and thrilling ones

The next step on this journey is creating a Dream Blueprint. "Blueprinting," is developing strategies and tactics, and then creating a plan. In the same way a blueprint tells an architect how to build a building, your Dream Blueprint tells you how to build what you're dreaming.

First, choose a dream to turn into a project. A Dream Project is always something very specific; for instance, one of mine was, "Go On A Free and Fun Cruise To An Exotic Place Within The Next Three Months." Once you have the project in mind, you can create the strategies and tactics necessary to get you there. Strategies define the approaches you take to achieve your dream. Tactics are the specific step-by-step items to accomplish the strategies.

It's important to be clear about your strategies -- they have to be in alignment with your project. In my case, for instance, the strategy of buying a ticket wouldn't have been appropriate, because I wanted a free cruise. Better strategies were: finding someone to pay for my trip, or entering a contest to win a free cruise. In the end, I chose to create a bartering relationship, booking my workshop on a cruise ship in return for a free trip.

The tactics to accomplish the strategy were clear: create topics for a workshop; prepare a biography, develop promotional materials; get the name and number of several cruise lines to talk to; make contact and pitch my idea. I ultimately decided to send my material to only one cruise line.

By understanding the project, strategy, and tactics, I had a clear Blueprint to make this dream come true. I sent out a package, and scheduled a date by which I wanted to set sail. Before I had a chance to make a follow-up call to see if they were interested, they called me! I was quickly booked to go on the cruise, all expenses paid for two, in exchange for presenting three twenty-minute talks on how to make dreams come true. What a story I was going to have for my audience!

Blueprinting works because it breaks down To-Dos into bite-sized elements (strategies and tactics). In doing so, not only do you have a clear map showing you where you’re going, but also a step-by-step plan for how to get there!

Thank YOU Marcia Wieder ;)

Founder, Amazing Dreamers
CEO, Dream University®