Freitag, 11. September 2009

~ Create Blueprints for Your Dreams

DREAMS and THOUGHTS do come true ~ choose the good and thrilling ones

The next step on this journey is creating a Dream Blueprint. "Blueprinting," is developing strategies and tactics, and then creating a plan. In the same way a blueprint tells an architect how to build a building, your Dream Blueprint tells you how to build what you're dreaming.

First, choose a dream to turn into a project. A Dream Project is always something very specific; for instance, one of mine was, "Go On A Free and Fun Cruise To An Exotic Place Within The Next Three Months." Once you have the project in mind, you can create the strategies and tactics necessary to get you there. Strategies define the approaches you take to achieve your dream. Tactics are the specific step-by-step items to accomplish the strategies.

It's important to be clear about your strategies -- they have to be in alignment with your project. In my case, for instance, the strategy of buying a ticket wouldn't have been appropriate, because I wanted a free cruise. Better strategies were: finding someone to pay for my trip, or entering a contest to win a free cruise. In the end, I chose to create a bartering relationship, booking my workshop on a cruise ship in return for a free trip.

The tactics to accomplish the strategy were clear: create topics for a workshop; prepare a biography, develop promotional materials; get the name and number of several cruise lines to talk to; make contact and pitch my idea. I ultimately decided to send my material to only one cruise line.

By understanding the project, strategy, and tactics, I had a clear Blueprint to make this dream come true. I sent out a package, and scheduled a date by which I wanted to set sail. Before I had a chance to make a follow-up call to see if they were interested, they called me! I was quickly booked to go on the cruise, all expenses paid for two, in exchange for presenting three twenty-minute talks on how to make dreams come true. What a story I was going to have for my audience!

Blueprinting works because it breaks down To-Dos into bite-sized elements (strategies and tactics). In doing so, not only do you have a clear map showing you where you’re going, but also a step-by-step plan for how to get there!

Thank YOU Marcia Wieder ;)

Founder, Amazing Dreamers
CEO, Dream University®
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