Dienstag, 27. April 2010

~ April 2010: Bizzy Me ;)

Me Lovelys, the Bizzness World called in ~ So that's why I will be away for several weeks. Am very excited to meet my new partners and clients, who want me as their Marketing & Management Coach for small and medium sized businesses, Teacher & Trainer in Product Communications and Online - Journalismn at two well-approved academies in Germany.

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While I'm absent, continue to RockTheWorld ~ Wishing you lots of "eargasmns" :-) 

when You are relaxing listening to my wild & divine radio tunes.

Thank you for your loyality, kindness and amity,
missing you all ✽♥✽ love light and blessings to you and yours

Yours sincerely,

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27. April 2010

Samstag, 17. April 2010

~ Discover the Goddess Within You

Myths are fascinating stories that become even more intriguing when we realize that they can reveal intimate truths about ourselves and others. Esteemed Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen brings the Greek pantheon to life as our inner archetypes and applies the power of myth to our personal lives.
Once we understand the natural progression from myth to archetype to personal psychology, and realize that positive gifts and negative tendencies are qualities associated with a particular goddess within, we gain powerful insights.

Depending on which goddess is more active within, one woman might be more committed to achieving professional success, while another more fulfilled as a wife and mother. Twenty years after its first publication, "Goddesses in Everywoman continues to be deeply relevant, and with this twentieth-anniversary edition, this classic volume will continue to be celebrated.

Using a typology based on the goddesses of Greek mythology, this exploration of the aspects of the female personality examines psychological patterns, character traits, and symptoms that need to be recognized before changes can take place.

It´s so much fun and joy.

Jean Shinoda Bolen schlägt in diesem Buch, das zu einem Klassiker des neuen weiblichen Selbstbewußtseins wurde, eine Brücke zwischen der Frauenbewegung und der Psychologie C. G. Jungs.

Das Ergebnis ist ebenso eigenständig wie beeindruckend.
Aus den Archetypen des unbewußten beschwört sie die verlorenen Göttinnen einer zeit, in der frau noch ihre eigene Spiritualität frei leben konnte, herauf. Und diese Vergangenheit, so zeigt Jean Shinoda Bolen, existiert noch heute in uns weiter und kann in unseren Alltag, unsere Beziehungen und unser gesellschaftliches Umfeld integriert werden. In der Begegnung mit Isis, Astrate, Aphrodite, Athene und den vielen anderen Gestalten des lange verdrängten großen weiblichen Pantheon, finden Frauen zurück zu ihrem eigenen, göttlichen Selbst.


17. Apr. 2010 - 27. Mai 2015