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~ Manifest - and Live Your Dreams - Now ~

Desires and dreams we wish to come true are truly challenging us - well, at least moi - to instantly stop using the crutch of excuses that we all have and get in our way of manifesting our dreams. So I decided long time ago to release all excuses ;-)

Shortly after, researching for coaching to go books, the latest book from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer fell off a bookshell into my hand - and all the practical steps he offers to > beginn right now to accelerate the manifestation of my dreams < Oh yeah, they did work for me since I started to make my dreams come true --- that was in my teens, round the age of 14 ;-D

~Excuses Begone~
One of my former business clients is an Italian family in the Midwest. These are wonderful people and good friends of mine. Most of the family members are large people and it is very common to hear one or more of them talk about being on a diet. One of the sons in particular has told me on numerous occasions about his latest effort to release the extra weight he is carrying. In discussing this with him, I mention beginning by imaging what he is intended to look like rather than focusing on that which he does not want. This has come up a number of times and invariably one of his comments is “you know how our family is Steve. We are all big and food is what we do.”

It seems to me that one of the most common and significant excuses used is our heritage. We say our personality, our style, body type, talents, perceived deficiencies and more are what we were born with and/or taught from an early age. I have a good friend who tells me for as long as he could remember his father told him he was a genius. Learning anything he wants to has been easy for him and I many ways I consider him a genius. Fortunately, we won’t know what he would be like if his father had always called him stupid or dumb.

~ In essence every time we talk or think opposite our Source that is within,
we are [stuck] in an excuse mentality ~

Wayne offers compelling scientific proof that our heritage and any prior experiences we may have had that we use as a reason for not manifesting what we want are simply excuses. Actually “It’s my family history” is excuse number 16 in his book and he lists 18 of what he views as the most common excuses. Others include:
  • It’s not my nature
  • The rules won’t let me
  • There will be family drama
  • I’m too busy
  • I’m too tired
  • I’m not smart enough
  • It has never happened before

~ Are You ready to go on the mission to release all excuses?
GREAT - I will accompany you

In Guidance Process 1 our members learn how to be clear in defining what they want to manifest without limitations. Here I suggest taking another piece of paper and begin to think of the excuses you use most frequently. Personally, I didn’t realize how many excuses I am still using until I began to contemplate Wayne’s book and did this exercise.

I conclude this introduction to “Excuses Begone” with a number of questions Wayne asks that, for me, offer awesome guidance: Your universal Source of being never thinks in terms of ...
  • what is missing. Do you?
  • what it can’t have or do? Do you?
  • what has never happened before. Do you?
  • what others will think, say or do. Do you?
  • of bad luck or the way things have always been. Do you?

I encourage you to invest in the book. It is a great how to eliminate excuses manual. Once you acknowledge the excuses you are using then you can begin to dismiss those excuses and that is the real power of “Excuses Begone”. Wayne is very generous with openly offering the guidance from this book. Searches on YouTube and public television will give you more detail than this article. With all the complimentary material available.

Written and Shared by Steve Pohlit,
Founder of Manifest Mastermind

~ 24.04.2011 ~
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