Montag, 16. November 2009

~ Veryheaven got HACKED for Revenge

Aloha Lovelies, my blog got hacked. 

And guess by who? Yeah, didn't we know -- by my EX Alireza Assadzadeh Tabrizi
CEO Abacus Software Düsseldorf. Fucking Egotripper. 

And the promise he made on the phone just a week ago ( 16. Nov 2009), to give me back my private and business properties that he has stolen in May 2008, nada -
locked away only for revenge, abusing my business ideas for his business etc.

Alireza, what YOU did to me, and to my beloved cat SUNNY ( you locked him away for month without food, bc you were jealous of the love this cat has for me and I have for him - You said SUNNY ran away from home, f*cking psycho you are!

Alireza, you have started to ruin your life by the hate and revenge crime you continously do to people that are / where loyal to you like your family and I were! ( the war he started is still goin on in 2015)

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