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~ You are the President of Your Life!

This report will take away any excuses one has for not Thinking Like A Winner. The promise: As you start putting the seven secrets to work for you, you'll notice the effects are geometric.

"The Seven Secrets Of High Performance Thinking"
Each technique will multiply the effectiveness of the others. Once you've started using all seven you'll be amazed at how powerful your mind can be. No realistic goal will be beyond your grasp. Read on to become a high Performance Thinker, Winner and Believer.

Secret Number 1 - Relaxation
High Performance Thinkers have learned to use the power of Relaxation. They know that stress impairs their ability to perform and that it's better to take a break when they are feeling fatigued or frustrated. If you'd like to perform at your optimum levels, schedule daily periods of relaxation exercises. You can meditate or listen to soothing music or tapes. If you're always at the computer like I am, you can take a short jog, or do some exercise.

In essence you should do the opposite of what your
daily tasks are. If you're a laborer you would relax by finding something that stimulates your mind. If your daily routine involves a lot of thinking or sitting at a desk, break up your day with some physical exercise. Once you've learned to harness the power of relaxation, you'll find reaching your goal so much easier. Make relaxation a part of your daily routine.

Secret Number 2 - Visualization

Any task we attempt is easier if we are relaxed, especially mental conditioning. Visualization is a powerful tool when combined with relaxation. Many individuals say they are unable to visualize or create pictures in their minds. That's not really true. They visualize, but because they haven't practiced controlling their mental pictures, they see what they want to avoid rather than what they want to accomplish.

Your mind absorbs what you input and that's why so many of your fears come true.
You can either control your mental pictures or they will control you. You will be drawn to any picture you hold long enough in your minds eye. If you want to become prosperous and successful, you must take control of the movies you play in your mind. The first step is to make visualizing your more successful, prosperous self a daily habit.

When you first begin to practice seeing yourself in a new light, your rational mind will rebel and the doubts will creep in. You'll only be able to hold your mental pictures for
short periods of time. As your practice continues you will be able to hold the pictures for longer periods of time and you'll be able to view them in greater detail. If you're wondering if it's worth the effort, I'd like to give you an example of how powerful visualization is.

When Muhammed Ali was preparing for his fight against Foreman, the "experts" gave him little chance of winning. Foreman was younger, bigger, stronger and hit like a mule. So what did Ali do? He went to his training camp and avoided reading all negative stories about his impending defeat. He not only began physically training for the fight, he began mentally rehearsing his reactions to being hit by Foreman. Ali knew that there was a possibility of being knocked
unconscious during the fight, but how would he handle it? He began mentally training his body to wrap his arms around Foreman and clinch as soon as he felt himself begin to lose consciousness.

The night of the fight his mental training paid off. In Ali's own words he admitted there were times in that fight when he was literally out on his feet. The only thing that saved him from defeat was his visualization exercises. Each time he was hit hard enough to be knocked unconscious, his body took over and held onto Foreman long enough for Ali to regain his senses.
That night history was made, through the power of Visualization. Are you ready to make history?

Secret Number 3 - Self Talk
So far we've discussed relaxation and visualization. Now we're going to talk about autosuggestion (Self talk). It´s the simplest of the 7 secrets. You pick a habit or quality you wish to acquire and
repeat it to yourself over and over. It may appear simple, but it's oh so powerful. I talked to myself. Luckily I was alone when I did it, or I'm sure they'd have thrown the old net over me. I wasn't even sure it would work, but I did it anyway. It was nothing fancy, just two sentences I repeated, day in and day out.

The first sentence was, "I am a lot more creative than I ever imagined."

The second was, "I have an unlimited creative ideas in my subconscious."

So what happened?
I've been given a second chance. I've gone from throwing in the towel and preparing to lead what Walden called a life of quiet desperation, to making my living as a writer. I can work from anywhere. I make money doing something I love. If self-talk isn't powerful, I don't know what is. It has changed my life.

Secret Number 4 - Goal Setting
Goal setting is actually an extension of our survival mechanism. All living things have survival mechanism. From the tree, whose leaves turn toward the sky before a rain to the birds who, fly to warmer climates during the winter. But as men and women we have an advantage. Plants,
animals and insects have no control over the direction their lives take. It's preset for the survival of their species. We on the other hand have the ability to take part in the shaping of our destinies. We can choose our path.

Our ability to think of the future and set goals gives us the ability to be the captains of our fates and the shapers of our destiny. Sadly most of us tend to shrug off the power of setting goals and our lives end up being tossed to and fro like a ship in a storm. Our high powered minds are programmed to help us achieve success, but we give it no direction. We ride around with this high performance engine between our
ears, and never take off the emergency brake.

If you truly want to become a high performance
thinker, you should set goals that get you excited. Your goals should be big enough to motivate you, while still being believable. Don't mistake daydreams for goals. Don't mistake what will make others happy, for a goal that will get you excited. It has to be your goal. Start setting believable, achievable goals. Set a time limit on accomplishing your goals and set higher goals each time an old goal has been achieved. Set up a reward system for achieving your goals on time.

Make reaching your goals a game, a treasure hunt. If you've got time to root for your favorite sports team, you have time to start rooting for you. Setting and achieving your goals is the real Super Bowl. Make yourself the MVP of your life.

Secret Number 5 - Whole Brain Thinking
The fifth secret of high performance thinking is learning to think with both sides of your brain. High performance thinkers are whole-brained thinkers. Most of us have one side of our brains dominant. If the left side is dominant we tend to be more logical. If our right side is more dominant we tend to be more Intuitive.

A prime example would be what we label as women's
intuition. For some reason we find it more acceptable for women to use their intuition and we expect men to be more analytical. The true high performance thinkers are as comfortable setting down detailed plans for accomplishing their goals as they are at thinking outside the box and coming up with a new way of seeing and doing things. The true skill is to be able to use either side at will. It's sad to see how many writers, artists and inventors have historically ended up broke, when all they would have needed was to use a little more of their left brain logic.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can find many businesses going under because they fall behind their competitors who are willing to use their right brain skills and intuit coming change.
To operate at maximum efficiency, you must learn to be a balanced thinker. You not only need to know how to use both sides of your brain, you must know when to use your rational analytical skills and when to be more intuitive. You should develop your reasoning and research skills, while allowing enough flexibility to follow your hunches.

If you study many of our top executives you'd find
they have two major traits in common:

1. They are goal setters. (left brain)
2. They credit much of their success to following their hunches. (right brain)

Bottom line. They are whole brain thinkers. Your brain is a marvelous creation. Don't waste either half. Use it all. Become a whole brain thinker and you'll be ahead of your competition.

Secret Number 6 - Humor and Pleasure
The Taoist's have a saying, "The Journey is the reward."

High performance thinkers exemplify that remark. They pick their profession, not because of the money they expect to make, but because of the joy it brings them. In the words of J. Paul Getty, they've learned to thrive on the pressure. They don't see what they do as do or die. They've learned to laugh at themselves and try not to take things too seriously.

What others may consider a problem, they consider a challenge. Their sense of humor and ability to enjoy their work increases as their abilities increase. Many times they spend long hours on a task not because they feel a need to work hard, but because they have so much fun at what they do. When we find joy in doing what we love, time flies by in the blink of an eye. If you're ready to be a high performance thinker, learn to laugh more. Find work that gives you joy. Stop looking at the task at hand as a struggle.

View it as a magnificent game. To the high performance thinker,
there is no line between work and play. His work is his passion. In the sports world it's called being in the zone. High performance thinkers perform in the same manner. Stop trying so hard and start enjoying the process.

* They are acting in the moment.

* They have no doubts.

* Time almost stands still.

* They are focused to the point that outside influences
are literally blocked out.

Secret Number 7 - The Subconscious Mind

The first six secrets were the blocks building up to the real secret behind high performance thinking. High performance thinkers recognize the awesome power of their subconscious mind.

* Relaxation * Visualization * Autosuggestion
* Goal Setting
* Whole-Brained Thinking * Humor

All of the above are designed to help you unleash the awesome power of your subconscious mind.
The subconscious has been called the sleeping giant. It's like a big bear hibernating during the winter. It's waiting for you to wake it so it can do its work. All systems of mental conditioning from Silva Mind Control and NLP to the mystical traditions such as Yoga and the Martial Arts are designed to take us beyond our cultural and personal conditioning. Many Thanks to John Colanzi for sharing.

Don´t let anybody lead your life for you, welcome conductors, welcome coaches, friends and lovers that help you achieve your goals - accept the help and guidance of God - he will soon send some sweet prompts to you - e.g. by unveiling your truth to you in your dreams.

Now, are you ready to take the lead?
Let me walk with You for a while ... 

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