Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

Editorial Jan 2011: Heaven On Earth For Everyone

~ Aloha -  Welcome - Bienvenue - From wherever You are - Here and everywhere.  
What are YOU passionate about? 
What are your desires, irresistable challenges, dreams, 
temptations you are about to realise or afraid to face yet? 
Here You'll find inspiration in more than 400 articles - 
pls participate in inspiring others. 

HEAVEN on earth NOW for everyone!

My aim is to help you find your very special heaven in life, love, spiritual and personal growth. I truly hope that my writings will get you closer to your source. Here You´ll find in veryheaven some of my poems and short stories for your inspiration. I also publish other peoples personal stories and paintings, various subjects and themes, ranging from love to lifescience ;-) in three languages: english, german and french.

~ living a very heavenly life: 2011 and beyond

To live in heaven for me is a feeling, a state of being I have finally achieved.  I dove very deep inside myself to unleash my powers again - I trusted and followed my sensations and divine inspirations in dreaming, being, writing, painting, living. Touched the sourcecode of my soul, sharing my musings with you. And am enjoying yours.

This Year, a new lifecycle begins for me.

Well, the last six years I've professionally coached people from all around the world out of depression, lovesickness, burnout and trauma into happinez as their ~ WORK-LOVE-LIFE -BALANCE COACH
I am german native, hometown is Bremen (close to Hamburg), and since 1996 I have worked in various fields (media, health, marketing, management) as consultant and personal coach online and offline (from) everywhere in the world.


Thank you all for visiting, creating and being with us in and on veryheaven!
Enjoy your stay - pls leave us your comments & pls return often ;-D


Show up big, bold and outrageous. Let your creative spirit and beautiful bright light shine. Be the spark that ignites passion at home and at work. Ecourage others to do the same. To inspire means “to breathe.” And as oxygen is necessary to sustain life, so inspiration is to dreaming. Discover what moves you. Dance, sing or simply express the feeling of the moment. Relish it and own it. With your passion present, ask yourself what your dreams are.

PS: Nothing is more important than that YOU feel happy > have a deeper look inside >

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