Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

~ My Dear Love ...

I your man remember the night we met
When You climbed over those walls I built

And held my hand to show me a new horizon

Revealing a world I could never imagine

When I wanted to turn my face in the other direction

Your gentle touch brought me closer

I watched my fortress melt by Your Passion

I didn’t resist and burned it down with You

Oh Love I adore you through my Soul!

You pulled a Thunderous Storm of Fire into me!

You unfastened Your Love to unleash fiery Romance

And conquered my Being to set me Free

You pinned me to the ground

Gazed into my eyes and swallowed my words

You filled me with the sweetest pleasure I ever knew

And my heart became music to praise Your Name with every pound

Oh Love, you maddened me!

Fire in my heart, Flames in my eyes

Desire on my lips, hot blood in my veins

A human torch for Beauty

Oh Love, but then You struck me down!

While I was singing and soaring with ecstasy

Your sword plunged into my breast!

So violently, so painfully, so suddenly

I crashed so hard through the thorns

I bled for hours and searched the forest to find You

I shouted Your Name, but only heard the haunting echoes

The Garden was vacant, the flowers wounded

I shivered, I trembled, I collapsed and mourned

Oh Love, You murdered me!

Brutality to my soul, a massacre to my dreams

Betrayed, broken, shattered, butchered

Memories scattered over a forgotten sea

In rainfall I wept one day

Feeling so alone without You

Little did I know, You were right there

Wrapping Your Warm Arms around me

“I have always been Here,” You said

Tears of sorrow became tears of joy

As everything began to shine

I turned and embraced You

Oh Love, I was blind the whole time

You bring Life, You bring Death

You Destroy, You Restore,

Friend, this Secret You whisper in my ear

Has become my Road to Heaven’s Door

Dear Love,
it is Here where I surrender

It is Here, where I dance

Like a Flower blooming in the Garden

I am a Rose for You

Turning and ascending

Painted with Passion

Calling out Your Name

Joy or torment, it doesn’t matter

I remain Loyal to You.


11. Mai 2011 - who wrote this ? 

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