Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

~ Editorial Sept 2010: Today I thank my past

I thank it for all it brought me
Today I love my past
For now of it I am free

I thank it for the joys
And for the sorrows
I thank it for the happy memories
And for the suffering it knows

Without my past I could not be who I am today
Without my past I couldn’t have grown in that way
I could have been a victim, I could be still grieving
I could still live in it, for then I’d still be crying

All that had to be has been
Past events have modeled me
I grew up strong, sprouted my wings
Empowering I’m deciding to be

Freeing myself from it
That is my decision
Letting it go where it belongs
As a change of season

For I am who I am now
I decided to go forward
And the past is in the past now
For I allowed myself power


Author: Jean-Guy Martin
member of my veryheaven group on facebook

23.Sept. 2010 & 15.Okt.2011

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