Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

~ Happy Holidays 2013 & Felice Nuevo Ano 2014

Thank You for being with me, here and there and everywhere

*Aloha lovelys*, I am reposting my Christmas and New year's greetings to you again --
yeah, bc the wellknown #cybercrime  gangsters have recently intruded my music channel as well as my businesschannel ( see post below), and deleted many / and here my two last posts that I've send to +Mike Dooley, +Happinez Magazine  and the charity organization +Everyone Matters .

Those #cybercriminals  -- known to +Google  plus management since 6 months --  are constantly using malware, phishing emails, and all sort of viruses such as trojans, to silently open the #Backdoor  of your computersystem and infect your softwaresystem with malicious code.

Most of the time they want to see how angry their victims get, so they are looking at you right through your computerscreen -- using the latest  #remotecontrol  techniques. #Cyberbullies  are seriously mentally ill, and when rejected they try to become your worst enemy
But hey, no worries, you have rights and you have skills to teach those feiglinge a serious lesson ;) - educyte yourself, your peers, make a plan. you can contact me anytime via email or cell - never hesitate, I know People who can help you regarding your (online) safety and health.

1) check out my plus1 list -
1.1.) install SECURE CONNECTION on your devices
such as
1.2.) contact a lawyer

2) take your time to meet and read articles by
+Hacker News Circle -- +Michael Nuccitelli -- +Christopher Burgess --
anti-bullying expert and book author +Sue Scheff

the teams of +CybercrimesLab , papers on #cybersecurity  shared by the +European Commission , +European Parliament, +European Union just released the digital copy of its YES REPORT 2013 Yearbook of European Security & >



> < ;)

Yours sincerely,
Kerstin Caroline Krüger

#journalist  - #happinezforever#hackingisacrime - #stalkingisacrime - #gangstalking !
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