Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

~ *UPDATE 12-07-2014* --- !
I am the owner & admin of this site -- gerade wollte ich eine bitly url hinzufügen, da kommt diese meldung: bitten Sie den webmaster Ihrer website, die folgende codezeile zur startpage hinzuzufügen ( verknüpfung ) -- BEHAVE FAKEADMIN - if you delete entries I've made, then *certain* ppl will get a *ping* - and you'll face serious trouble.
*Because of ongoing* attacks, hacks across all networks and on every email I use --  My Question from Dec 2013 republished, wherin I'm asking one of the leading experts and speakers, in preventing , , , in general,  , Ex- officer in chief and now President of :

*Aloha my dear Chris*,
can you pls tell me the difference between owner / admin / manager of Plus - sites ?  I see different dashboards and loginsites when checking in to my google sites of which I own three -- under my login veryheaven.

You own our happinez site, which I cannot see in my settings nor can I post anything there at the moment.

Oh, could it be that the foto tab above has been compromised, too?
Why is this foto album URL > < so different from the one preprogrammed behind the tab and also the one of the admin ?

Please help me out -- I fear there are these  I told you about working behind closed  -- intruding and misusing maybe the privilegue of a person working at / for @google.

~ Mahalo, Yours KC

Google Vice President -- pls have your say, Sir

14 Dez 2013 -- posted via Chrome from Public Internet Cafe --

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