Sonntag, 19. April 2015

~ How to prevent terrorist attacks

and stop cyber -jihadists in their tracks? #Europol +European Commission +European Parliament

Dear Members of The European Commission,
Dear Pinterest teams,

After beaten twice almost to death, and ongoing murder attempts, I really need your help. I left Alireza Assadzadeh Tabrizi for good ( stalks me everywhere is also member on #pinterest  ) head over heals.

For revenge and abuse against me he locked away all my private and bizzness properties which I couldnt take with me when I left our appartment in Düsseldorf Oberkassel in May 2008.
Alireza CEO of promised me to give everything back to me - if I would return to him - otherweise: no one will have you, I'm gonna kill you, If I cant have you ( #Iran roots)

I never had much, but what I had I loved and cherished. Will You be so kind and help me getting my property back? I will reward you with 8 weeks happinez coaching and 15.000 Euros cash.


Here's Alireza on pinterest #terrorist !

#Europol Speech
Europol director Rob Wainwright explains how the EU's law enforcement agency focuses on monitoring #terrorist financing, flows of illicit firearms and people travelling to and from Syria and Irak. Watch the #video to learn more.

Thank You all, and blessed be.

Freitag, 10. April 2015

~ Don't Hide Your Face

the power that takes off masks 
that we fear we cannot live without 
and know we cannot live within.
Unmasque yourself ...

poster made by me KCK - veryheaven

Donnerstag, 9. April 2015


Ihr schöner körper zittert, der geist ist leer, sie ist
ganz im gefühl, durchzuckt.
göttlich-himmlisch. kosmisch-wahnsinnig. blühend. sie spürt. sieht ihn an. 
sein schönes gesicht ist von mattem schweiß bedeckt.
er küsst sie mit seinen augen - und dann mit seinem
ganzen wesen so heftig, das alles in ihr nur noch eins will -

alles! ertrinkt, mit, in, bei, von ihm beben, schweben, verbrennen,
zu liebe werden und - leuchten im himmlischen

Nouvelle Beauté
Son beau corps secoue, qui est l'esprit vide,
il est tout à fait le sentiment, par saccades.
divine-céleste. fou cosmique. blühend.sie sentir.
le regarde
son beau visage est couvert de sueur de mat.
Il l'embrasse avec ses yeux - et ensuite avec son
être ensemble si dur tous veulent une seule chose dans leur -
tout! noyade, avec, dans, dans, le secouer, planant, brûler,
sont d'aimer et - brillent dans le ineinandersein céleste.

Nuove di Bellezza
Il suo bel corpo è tremante, che è la mente vuota, è
piuttosto la sensazione, da cretini.
divina-celeste. folle cosmica. blühend.sie sentire. lo guarda.
il suo bel volto è coperto di sudore da opaca.
Lui la bacia con gli occhi - e poi con la sua
tutto l'essere così duro tutti vogliono solo una cosa in loro -
tutto! annegamento, con, in, in, scuoterlo, in bilico, bruciare,
sono di amare e - glow in the ineinandersein celeste.


13. Mai 2015
overnight ecstacy mmmmhmmm

Sonntag, 5. April 2015

~ Love's Holy Space

Who is in the house of my heart,
I cried in the middle of the night.

Love said,
"It is I, but what are all these images that fill your house?"

I said,
"they are the reflection of Your Beautiful Face."

Love asked,
"But what is this image full of pain?"

I said,
"it is me lost in the sorrows of life."
and showed Love my soul full of wounds.

Love offered me
one end of a thread and said,

"Take it so I can pull you back,
but do not break the delicate string."

I reached towards it but Love
struck my hand.

I asked,
"Why the harshness O Lord?"

Love said,
"To remind you that whoever comes to Love's Holy Space,
proud and full of himself, will be sent away.
Look at Love
with eyes of your heart."


If I told you about a Land of Love,
would you follow me and come?

In that Land, there are Vineyards
that yield a deadly Wine
which no glass can hold it.

Would you swallow it as a remedy?
The people "There" must suffer.

Would you serve the sweetest drink to others
and take the bitter drink yourself?
There are no moons or suns "There".

Nothing waxes or wanes.
Would you surrender your plans
and forget about your materials?


Don't become unconscious
in words and treasures, or
in ceremonies and materials.


Don't become a collector
of signposts and maps, or
of pointers and rules.

When the Door is opened
walk through!

Don't just stand there
staring at the open Doorway!

There comes a time
when nothing is meaningful -

except surrendering to Love.


~ 09.06.2011 - Rumi ~

Samstag, 4. April 2015

~ Feast Of Passion

In champagne d´oro abgetaucht,
dein leckermaul hauchzart angebissen,

winden, schmiegen, in wollust, fliegen,
alles an uns dran zerrissen,
zwei seelen spielen kriegen, lieben,
über auf und unter purpurlinnen,

ein ganzer kosmos hingerissen,
ganz von und bei allen sinnen,
draußen und drinnen,

~ Feast Of Senses ~