Samstag, 4. April 2015

~ Mysteries of Love ....

Crush, lust, admiration or merely respect. Love can mean different things to different people. The filial love you feel for your family is very different from the passionate, Eros-Greek-god of love feelings you have for your mate.

You can love your friends, but that sort of platonic affection is much different from what you feel for your Lady of Gentleman.

Now ask yourself: How can you determine that what you feel is love and not something else, like sexual attraction? Does true love only come around once, or can it happen many times throughout one’s life? Is there really such a thing like love at first sight, or you can only fall in love with someone you’ve known for a long time? There are a few questions to ask and answer, so my dear veryheavens, let´s get started. I´ll reply to every comment - so here i come with thee:
  1. What's the Difference between a Crush and Soul/True Love?
  2. Can You Love Someone Much Older / Younger Than You?
  3. Is it Possible to Fall in Love with a Stranger? 
  4. If Yes, what attracted You? 
  5. Let's hear it for the .... Ladies ;) Your Comments are so welcome, Gentlemen.
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