Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

~ It's my Life - And It's My Freedom

I fucking own it.

Credo for Love & Respect
Aloha Ashton Kutcher, thank You for Your public compliment.
veryheaven is an inspirational source for so many stars  ~

a picture with a smiling sun and three flying birds in a certain formation caught my eye.
The note written over the picture made me instantly smile, and happy.

Just shortly after I favored this foto on twitter, I took a look in my cup of coffee,
and then I smiled even more: On the coffeesurface ... there was a smiley
at me
with hearts in his eyes.

I went to the the coffeebar in the internet cafe, and showed it to my girlfriends,
Now we three were laughing. Anyone here experienced in decoding
Coffeecup Secrets

We wonder how many other people have seen us giggling,
cause everyone in here is captured live, on the surveillance cam

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