Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

~ Right Here & Now: Bliss

You will experience bliss–here, now. Your initial investment? Two minutes a day. That is all it takes to begin a lifetime of wonderment, awe and love–love you can keep forever.

Experiencing that bliss, that greater realization of God, can be achieved by developing the spiritual virtues. Take this journey and together, page by page, we will experience and develop 33 essential spiritual virtues. Think of these 33 virtues as representing essential musical notes of the spiritual scale. The term virtues is meant to be all-encompassing, including what could also be called strengths, qualities, faculties, feelings, attitudes, activities, orientations, and practices. Virtue comes from the Latin virtus, meaning strength. Its archaic definition is the supernatural power or influence exerted by the divine being.

Thus, when we are demonstrating virtues, we are expressing the divine within us. The Supreme Being is without attributes, yet paradoxically it is the storehouse of all virtues and good qualities. The bottom line is that a person who is developing their spirituality will want to demonstrate these qualities in their everyday life.

That’s what spirituality is. It’s not taking off and cutting yourself off in a forest or desert or mountain hideaway, though these sojourns may certainly have their place. Spirituality is responsibly carrying out your duties to all those in your world. While developing a consciousness that is more and more of your Higher Power, your everyday behavior reflects the growing goodness, light, and love within you. The greater your realization of love — true, detached love — the greater your spirituality.

The spirituality offered here is universal. Its aim is not to convert you to any religion or group, but to facilitate your growing relationship with your Higher Power, based on what Saints, those fully realized humans, have taught through the ages. 

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