Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

~ A warm and cosy touch

~ a warm and cosy touch, an undescribable IT entered me, a fountain ~

colourful waves in my belly, bubling all inside of me.

was nützt berühmtheit mir, wenn mein herz sich sehnt zu dir,
auch in diesen tagen, wenn die welt mich flüchtig liebt,
sie doch niemals mich erfüllt, so sehr,
wenn du deine liebe um mich hüllst.

now i am sitting here in my little flat, floating free,
facing spring feelings of overwhelmig eternety.

let's be free, mon chéri

a man at a crossroads. He embarks on a journey to help change the world
become a better place and those who he thinks deserve a second chance in life.

But when he opens his heart to a beautiful woman who needs his help,
he risks everything he's planned for one last chance at love.

24. Juni 2015 ~ 24. Juni 2009

Mai 2015 Sur La Fontaine D'Amour

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